10 Ideas Halloween Party for Tennis Players

  1. Spooky Tennis – Have a Halloween-themed tennis party with spooky music, decorations, and costumes.
  2. Pumpkin Tennis balls – Decorate tennis balls to look like pumpkins.
  3. Ghost Tennis – Play tennis in the dark with glow-in-the-dark balls and clothes.
  4. Vampire Tennis – Hold a tennis tournament during the day and only invite vampire-themed players.
  5. Zombie Tennis – After being “zombie-fied” by a make-up artist, players must tennis while avoiding being “bitten” by real zombies.
  6. Trick-or-Treat Tennis – Players go around the tennis court collecting candy from each other while playing.
  7. Costume Tennis – Everyone must wear a Halloween costume while playing.
  8. Scary Movie Marathon – Spend the party watching scary movies in between tennis matches.
  9. Halloween Food Fight – Have a food fight using only Halloween-themed snacks and drinks.
  10. Haunted House Scavenger Hunt – Hide tennis balls around a haunted house and have players find them.

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