Midsummer Merriment: Celebrating Christmas in July! Party

Here are some ideas to make your “Midsummer Merriment: Celebrating Christmas in July!” party extra special:

  1. DIY Christmas Decorations: Set up a crafting station where guests can make their own Christmas decorations like paper snowflakes, ornaments, or even mini Christmas trees using summer foliage like palm leaves.
  2. Outdoor Snowball Fight: If you have access to a large outdoor space, consider organizing a snowball fight using soft, white cotton balls or foam balls. It’s a playful way to incorporate a winter element into your summer celebration.
  3. Ice Cream Sundae Bar: Create a DIY ice cream sundae bar with a variety of toppings, sauces, and sprinkles. Encourage guests to get creative with their sundaes and indulge in some sweet treats reminiscent of holiday desserts.
  4. Christmas Cocktail Station: Set up a festive drink station featuring holiday-themed cocktails like peppermint mojitos, cranberry mimosas, or eggnog milkshakes. Don’t forget to include non-alcoholic options for younger guests and non-drinkers.
  5. Secret Santa Gift Exchange: Organize a Secret Santa gift exchange where guests draw names and exchange gifts anonymously. Set a budget and let guests get creative with their gift-giving.
  6. Christmas Karaoke: Set up a karaoke machine or a playlist of Christmas songs and let guests showcase their singing talents. Provide props like Santa hats, reindeer antlers, and jingle bells to add to the festive atmosphere.
  7. Christmas Movie Marathon: Create a cozy outdoor movie theater or indoor screening area and host a Christmas movie marathon featuring holiday classics like “Home Alone,” “Elf,” “The Polar Express,” and “A Christmas Story.”
  8. Santa’s Workshop Craft Corner: Set up a craft corner where guests can make their own Christmas cards, stockings, or holiday-themed crafts. Provide plenty of craft supplies and let guests unleash their creativity.
  9. Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest: Encourage guests to wear their ugliest, tackiest Christmas sweaters and hold a contest to determine the winner. Offer prizes for categories like “Most Festive,” “Most Creative,” and “Most Outrageous.”
  10. Outdoor Bonfire and S’mores Bar: End the evening with a cozy outdoor bonfire where guests can roast marshmallows and make s’mores. Provide a variety of chocolate bars, graham crackers, and marshmallow flavors for a delicious summer twist on a winter favorite.

These ideas should help you create a memorable and festive “Midsummer Merriment: Celebrating Christmas in July!” party that your guests will love. Have fun planning and enjoy spreading holiday cheer in the middle of summer!

Christmas in July with Santa Claus
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